Schievels software archeology 2 – Levee

app-editors/levee is a vi clone by David Parsons. It is from a time where vi was still closed source. Last release it saw was in 2019, it has a Github repository and also a Webpage. I do not know why but levee is also called ’Captain Video’ by David.

Well, there is not that much to say about this technically other than this is a vi clone. It does what you expect from vi: Going around with HJKL and trapping users that do not know about :q!. What struck me is that this thing is really ancient, it is from 1981 or so and was originally written in some dialect of Pascal called USCD Pascal and was ported to C in the 80s. Yet it is still maintained actively by David, or Orc on GitHub. It is also really tiny, David writes about 54k on 64bit OSX. I am considering using this on an STM32 as an editor running on the display of my keyboard project. if I get this to compile for ATmega.

The changelog of version 4.0 reads fix a 39 year old bug where changing the last line in a file wouldn’t refresh properly.

David also has some other interesting projects, including his own version of autoconf, so check out his homepage.

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